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Wesley Roderick Burford "iS-RW-CR" the Indian/Native/Italian/Uk Actor (Avenged 2013 Movie # 2 Boss), and the #1 Headline News HIp-Hop Music Recording Artist, Diamond - 99 Member - White Hat Member - Executive Producer and single status has officially entered into a lifetime contract with SYBC-1313 the musical recording engineer and producer of 19 records.  "Y.P.M." Young Player's Mob Entertainment will release 8 full musical recording projects. The first 2 releases from "Y.P.M." will come from Virginia and Colorado Hip-Hop music recording artists Es,  SYBC-1313,  Sly,  Ra Dough and S. Cargo which have signed a lifetime musical recording contract with American InterContinental University Graduate in two fields of studies and Alumni Wesley Roderick Burford. The scheduled releases will come 1st quarter 2017-2023. The six artist were born on the same date, same age and has the same time of birth, The birth month Libre.,   

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            DJ Rod Money- Mobster and Eagle - Written, Engineered, Executive Produced, and Performed By Wesley Roderick Burford