Young Player's Mob

Burrock Enterprize L.L.C. is a Virginia Limited Liability Company that delivers business development and law services for individuals, businesses, and law practices, law enforcement agencies or firms,  the company is a debt free company, this means the company does not have any business loans, liens, nor lines of credit against the business or company balance sheets.  Burrock Enterprize L.L.C. is not involved in any third party music recording or management contracts worldwide and we are not interested in signing ownership rights over to companies, we are in the business of keeping, retaining or gaining complete ownership of company and individual rights and potentially investing in or buying the rights of other digital music media companies and artists. Young Player's Mob Records is a company has completed enrollment in the business and law consulting services provided by  Y.P.M Records will be involved in digital and physical musical record releases for artists and labels starting 2016.  Burrock Enterprize L.L.C. will close Aug. 31, 2016 permanently, services will no longer be available or offered by the company, the company will not re-open in the future nor provide services. **** Never run game, a scheme or try to pull a fast one on Burrock Enterprize L.L.C., doing so may result in incarceration for a lifetime or the electric chair.

SYBC-1313 Projects Engineered, Recorded and Produced 2014-2016 Record Releases:

1. Sy Rave Beats

2. Sy Beats Volume 1

3. Sy Beats Volume 2

4. Sy Beats Volume 3

5. Sy Beats Volume 4

6. Sy Beats Volume 5

7. Sy Fitness Beats Volume 6

8. The Life of Es

9. The Life of Es Volume 2

10. The Life of Es Volume 3

11. The Life of Es Volume 4

12. The Life of Es Volume 5

13. The Greatest Hits of Es

14. The Life of Es 2.3

15. Systematic R & G Series Volume 1

16 Fitness Musica Volume 1

17. Episode 13

18. Club Dancing Volume 1 "Techno"

19. The Low Down

The 19 Records are executive produced, engineered, written or composed, and performed by Wesley Roderick Burford .